Find out if you are at risk of developing high blood pressure by answering the below questions. 

Once completed, we will email you within the next two working days with recommendations from our expert medical team.

3) Now take a few minutes to read the below statements and select whether you agree or disagree with each statement
I consider myself healthy 
I am conscious of my diet/nutrition
I regularly read up about health & nutrition
I have a healthy lifestyle
I ensure I invest certain amount of time daily towards my health & personal well being
I believe it’s equally important to be healthy physically as well as mentally
I feel a healthy lifestyle is a mix of food habits and exercise
5) How often do you do physical activity?
4) Please indicate the physical activities that you regularly undertake.
    (By regularly, we mean few times in a week)
6) Do you undergo a full body check-up every year?
7) Are you aware about the signs and symptoms of High Blood Pressure and its complications on the body ?
8) Is anyone in your family suffering from High Blood Pressure?
9) When was the last time that you got yourself checked for High Blood Pressure?
10) What was the result after you got your BP checked? 
11) Do you experience any of the following issues?
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